[Ansteorra-announce] Gulf Wars XIII

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Wed Mar 24 22:55:27 PST 2004

Greetings Ansteorra,

Now that we are back and somewhat recovered from our travels, we would like
to thank some of the many people who made Gulf Wars XIII particularly great
for us and for the kingdom:

Duke Patrick Michael for being our heavy weapons general and for organizing
the Ansteorran Tourney

Don Robert for gathering a good group of rapier fighters to (once again) win
the champions point and give our foe some great battles

Honorable Lord Will Ironwyrm for taking charge of the archery and thrown
weapons and for also always being there for us

Duchess Julia and a fine crew of people for preparing good ole Ansteorran
chili for hundreds of people at the Knowne World party

Sir Godwin for his tireless work as Ansteorra's liaison at the war

Sir Randall for being Ansteorra's marshal in charge at the war

Don Iago for being Ansteorra's rapier marshal in charge at the war

Master Oxlade for organizing Ansteorran A&S at the war and for contributing
many beverages

Sir Alexis, Sir Gideon, Lady Brigette d'Orleans, and Lady Lorraine Fraser
for overseeing and running equestrian activities

Our Champions, Earl Drake and Don Brendan for fighting by our sides and
following us throughout the length and breadth of Gulf Wars for 18 hours a

All Ansteorran warriors for fighting with such great spirit at the war

Our Sable Scroll, Ceinwen for many impromptu award scrolls

Our Herald Seamus, and the rest of our entourage (Iames, Liadon, Genevieve,
Richard, Hightower, Rhonda, and Ingve) for making it possible for us to be
everywhere we needed to be with all of the stuff that we needed to have

Throughout the war, we tried to keep you somewhat up-to-date on what many
have described as the best Gulf Wars ever. Particularly good weather, great
opportunities for heroism, two knightings, and vast amounts of courtesy
combined to create this a phenomenal event. Here is a summation of the War
for those of you who had to guard the homelands. 

Ansteorra's allies consisted of the following kingdoms and principalities:
Calontir who brought us the Outlands and Atlantia
the East
the West
the Middle kingdom fought for us on the heavy field and elsewhere with

Trimaris' allies consisted of the following kingdoms:
and the Middle as described above.

The sides on the heavy field came out to about 300 per side at the largest

Ansteorra came out strong and smote our foes heavy blows Wednesday,
Thursday, and on Friday. On Saturday things turned around on us as Meridies
showed up in force and many in the Middle Kingdom left for their long
journey home.

Many of the war points were strongly contested:

The 2 service war points went to Trimaris, in a contest of several thousand
hours, they won by a margin of less than a hundred tickets.
Trimaris once again took the light weapons woods battle, scoring them 1point
this year.
For a 1/2 point Trimaris also won the light weapons open field battles. We
took the first battle of three and they took the last two.
Another somewhat surprising win for the equestrian point went to Trimaris
Trimaris won the A&S competition for 2 points
Thrown weapons, Trimaris edged out the competition here
The light weapons champions 1/2 point went to Ansteorra
Archery went to Ansteorra
The Fort Battle went to Trimaris
The Archers Only Battle was a tie, so 1/2 points to Ansteorra and Trimaris 
Protect the King heavy battle went to Ansteorra
The heavy Town Battle went to Ansteorra
The heavy Ravine Battle went to Ansteorra
The Bridge Battle went to Ansteorra
The Open Field Battle went to Ansteorra
The Heavy Champions Battle went to Ansteorra

The Moat Battle scored no points for anyone. Trimaris won after we gave them
31 fighters and our general to even things out, so they refused to take the
point. Vivat Trimaris' courtesy!

So the final tally on the war was:

Ansteorra 8
Trimaris 9

and (most importantly) a great time was had by all!

Truly Ansteorra, you made us proud. We were also delighted at every turn by
the courtesy, valor, chivalry, and honor that we witnessed from many
throughout the Knowne World. We gave our precious and guarded sable falcon
to 3 Trimarians, and also to Earl Rusalon from the East kingdom and to Sir
Ivar from the Middle kingdom as well as many of our own brave and valiant
warriors. We also gave 1 Queen's Rapier to a Middle Kingdom fighter who
showed great courtesy and skill. Following is a list of the awards that we
gave throughout the week.

March 17:
Ana Maria de Cerdanya - Sable Crane
Ainar Magnusson - Sable Crane
Servita Zola - AoA
Cianan O'Donhnaill - Thistle (Bardcraft)
Fredrick of Rosenfeld - Sable Falcon
March 18:
Jean Paul de Calmont - King's Archer
Gormvin Feitr - Sable Falcon
Oudoceus Kynith - King's Archer
Britta MacGregor - Chivalry Peerage
Helene Quivermont - Iris of Merit
Rafe Slater - Comet (Mooneschadowe)
Alaric Morgenseg - Thistle (Knotwork)
Genevieve del Gamba - Sable Crane
March 19:
Randall der Krieger - Sable Crane
Julia de Montoya - Star of Merit
Liadan Bregh - Sable Crane
Rachel MacFinney - AoA
Lochlan Dunn - AoA
Armand Dragonetti - Sable Falcon
Dias Manuel DeLa Torres - Sable Falcon
Cryn Dunhaven - Sable Falcon
Tymmgard Colbert - Sable Falcon
March 20:
Louie-Pierre Rousseau - AoA
Lochlan Dunn - Sable Falcon
Ruslan Novgorodcev - Sable Falcon
Ian Macleod - Sable Falcon
Ivar Idthur Drengr - Sable Falcon
Michael Gravesend - Sable Falcon

Thank you Ansteorra for living the ideal and making us so proud to represent

In Service to Ansteorra,

Miguel and Conal
Rex et Regina Ansteorra

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