[Ansteorra-announce] Lost Armor Photos

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Thu Mar 25 07:09:58 PST 2004

Sir Fredrich Karl Kyburg of Trimaris lost at Gulf War XIII
Stainless bascinet with an over the shoulder riveted mail aventail 
Pair of stainless and leather arms 
Aluminum left demi-gauntlet back of hand only 
Sword with basket hilt.
1. The major features are described below.
The bar grill is a separate piece mounted with nuts and bolts.  As far as I 
know no other helmet has this arrangement. 
Aventail is mounted to helmet even with the top of the bar grill by leather, 
pins and wire.  Most I have seen are mounted at the bottom of the helmet. 
Aventail is mounted to the bottom of the bar grill by leather and rawhide 
Padding is a red sparring head gear with duct tape on the edges to hide the 
color when worn. 
Chin strap is a black string which ties under the aventail in back.
2. The attached file is the best photograph of the arms I could get my hands 
Stainless elbow cop with lames 
Leather is covered with 3/4 inch wide stainless strips riveted every inch 
Strips are spaced 3/4 inch apart 
Rivets are spaced every inch in between the stainless strips. 
Straps are not attached to arms but are fed through slots.  I believe this is 
a unique arrangement.
3. Aluminum left demi-gauntlet.  No unique features.
4. Sword with basket hilt.  No unique features.
They have never been out on their own and will need your help finding their 
way back.
lucia_alessandra at yahoo.com

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