[Ansteorra-announce] BG25th Chivalric

Sean Gulick sean at utig.ig.utexas.edu
Mon Oct 11 11:37:30 PDT 2004

To All Man-at-arms, Squires, Knights and Warriors of all ranks and 
ability under the light of the Sable Star does Sir Gideon MacLeod send 

I write this missive to the message post to remind any and all warriors 
who wish to compete for the honor of becoming Bryn Gwlad's next 
chivalric champion that the deadline for  Letters of  Intent is drawing 
near. His Excellency, Master Thomas, the Baron of Bryn Gwlad has 
requested that all who wish to compete for this honored title to submit 
to him a  Letter of   Intent by October 14th.

To add further enticement for those who may consider journeying to our 
fair lands to compete on the field of honor, this years tournament, the 
Field of Cloth of Silver, is none other than the Barony of Bryn Gwlad's 
Argent Anniversary. The tournament will start with a grand precession 
to show off our quality of arms and strength of intent. All chivalric 
competitors will be asked to adorn their helms with crests as befitting 
their station and in order to properly represent their house. Following 
the precession the first stage of the tournament will be counted blows 
at the barrier; the winner of which will be our first victor for the 
day. Following the barrier fights will be a Grand Melee' whereupon the 
single lord or lady who remains standing undefeated upon the field will 
be our second victor. Lastly, we will hold a melee that shall gather in 
size and fervor with each passing round much like a snowball picks up 
size rolling down the slopes on a winter's day near my home in the 
Highlands. This melee shall start on the tournament field but be 
finished with a battle over possession of Castle Garriott. The captain 
who leads the winning team shall be the third victor of the day and the 
Argent Anniversary chivalric champion will be recognized from among our 
three victors based on comportment and honor on the field.

Letters of intent to join in any or all of these feats of arms may be 
sent to:
 The Barony of Bryn Gwlad 
 PO Box 141834
Austin, TX  78714-1834 
Or to: gemartt at mail.utexas.edu

More information about Bryn Gwlad's Tournament of the Cloth of Silver
and about the chivalric competition may be found here:

I look forward to hearing the ring  of  blows upon helms on the shores 
of the river in our fair  Barony. Until then, fight well and with 

In service to  Baron and  King,

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