[Ansteorra-announce] Second Call: Calling all voice heralds

Laurie Brandt brandtfamily at sprintmail.com
Mon Oct 11 12:07:48 PDT 2004

Bryn-Gwlad 25th year is coming up. It is on Halloween weekend.  It will 
be voice herald intensive.  I will need heralds for the heavy and light 
fields, the equestrian, youth, archery and barcic.   The grand march 
needs a herald to introduce each combatant to the Baron and the 
populace. We will need list pages.  kids to run the list cards to the 
minister of the lists and new ones back to the field.  If you know any 
young person who would like to try voice heraldry we need these kids to 
herald the youth field.  http://bg25.swordworks.org/  If you know if 
your are coming and are willing to work an hour or two please let me 
know. halberd at polyhedrongroup.com  Bring your baldrics or tabards.  and 
be prepared to wear them.  If you don't have it on, your just someone 
else yelling.  If you are doing morning wake up, it protects you from 
being attacked.  Remember you are the voice of the crown.

Yours in service
HL Pegasus Devona, Halberd Pursuivant

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