[Ansteorra-announce] Top Scores @ Kingdom A&S

Brian & Pam Martin twinoak at cox-internet.com
Wed Feb 16 21:51:49 PST 2005

Greetings Ansteorra from the Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences,
Sorry for the delay (technical difficulties).  Congratulations are due to
all of the artisans who entered Kingdom Arts & Sciences this year.  It takes
a brave artisan to place their art work out for display, along with their
research, and allow others to judge it.    It's our equivalent to Crown
Tournament and is a real tribute to the artisans that they, like the other
fighters,  are honorable in both giving commentary (hitting with the
appropriate calibration), and calling their blows (being gracious with the
scores received).   I commend all of the artisans this year for their
beautiful artwork and honor shown upon the field.
It is custom in Ansteorra to recognize those artisan who score a 40 or
better in the competition with a pilgrim medallion from that competition.
This year's medallion was a castle, in tribute to the hosting group
(Elfsea), with the A&S arch and candle in the entrance.  Please give a
hearty congratulations to the following artisans who scored a 40 or
Ainar Magnusson - silver cup
Alexandria Doyle - 16th C. doll
Alix Tiberqua of Aachen - Icon "Emanuel"
Amaline du Bois - felt swan
Anton of Winteroak - calligraphy on a Lion scroll
Barat Fitzwalter Reynolds - A British brown beer from a 1503 recipe
Bridget Rede of Donvegan - Ballet du Chival for two horses (performance)
Brynhildr Kormaksdottir  - Wrapped in a Blue Mantle - Icelandic Clothing
Caitriona inghen Mhic Lochlainn - openwork brass broach
Ciar nie Ruadhan O'Seach na Saign - Bayeux tapestry Iris of Merit
Clara von Ulm - Cheese and cheese tarts
Clara von Ulm - Movements and Geography (research paper)
Dyan du Lac Calendre - Embroidered mitten with goldwork
El-Sayyidda Saqra al-Kudsi - Middle Eastern Confection
Finnacan Dub - Storytelling (performance)
Gwenneth of Glamorgan - Blackwork coif
Irinia Morevskaia - 16th C. brocaded band
Isobel de Kirkbryde - Roman cosmetic face cream
John Lightfoot - Green/white/rust pickup woven belt
Katherine Brandon - Jeweled silk Armada Portrait sleeves
Katrina de Coventry - Chanterai per mon carage (performance)
Lorenzo and Myfanwy - 16th C. Italian dance (performance)
Modius von Mergentheim - Pysanky egg
Oriana del Francesca - Illuminated choir book folio
Radegund of Tours - Handwoven, handsewn, pants
Rixende de Rouen - glass dice
Stella Silvana - Scythian costume
Tadhg mac Aedain uiConchobhair - small metheglin(mead)
Vincenzo Cellini - Elizabethan Jewels
Willow de Wisp - story of St. William (performance)

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