[Ansteorra-announce] Gulf War artisans

Brian & Pam Martin twinoak at cox-internet.com
Wed Feb 16 22:03:21 PST 2005

Greetings Ansteorra from the Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences,
Yes, a lot went on at Kingdom Arts & Sciences.  
In addition to Their Majesties Choosing a Champion, and recognizing those
who scored a 40 or more, we are sending some of the artisans to compete in
the Champions battle at the upcoming war with Trimaris.  Those who will be
representing Ansteorra this year as a competitor or alternate in the
Champion's battle are:
Alix Tiberqa of Aachen - Icon "Emanuel"
Amaline du Bois - Felt swan
Barat Fitzwalter Reynolds - A British brown beer from a 1503 recipe
Ciar nie Ruadhan O'Seach na Saigh - Bayeux tapestry Iris of Merit
Clara von Ulm - Cheese and cheese tarts
Clara von Ulm - Movements and Geography (research)
Dyan du Lac Calendre - Embroidered mitten w/goldwork
Katrina de Coventry - Chanterai per mon carage (performance)
Radegund of Tours - Handwoven, handsewn, pants
Stella Silvana - scythian costume
Vincenzo Cellini - Elizabethan Jewels
Willow de Wisp - story of St. William (performance)

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