[Ansteorra-announce] Fw: Melees at the RAVENSMARCH event in Feb.

Brian du Val cobalt60 at lcc.net
Sun Feb 20 19:24:39 PST 2005

     Unto the nobles of Ansteorra do I send these words.

    As you know Gulf War quickly approches. As each region of our far kingdom makes ready it is important that we test our tactics and train our levies to insure a victorious war.  His Majesties Genral Duke Patrick Micheal Gordon will be attending the RAVENSMARCH event. It being held Feb. 25th, 26th and 27th will have heavy and light melees with gulf war rules. Seige marshals and Combat Archery marshals will be needed to help with all the activities. The heavy melees will consist of the following:

    Field battle with archers
    Bridge battle with archers
    Ravine battle with out archers
    Ravine battle archers only
    Town battle with out archers
    Castle seige with archers and seige engins  ( attack once and defend once) 

    We will have armor inspection at the castle starting at 8 am saturday morning.
    Archers and Seige enginers will be inspected near the castle at 8 am also.

    So, Make ready your harness, check your bow strings, finish your engins and have fun STORMING THE CASTLE!

    If you have any questions concerning the heavy melees or can help in marshaling the melees at this event please contact me:

    H.E. Brian du Val    cobalt60 at lcc.net   (936) 295-4671   before 10 pm.

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