[Ansteorra-announce] Make a Pilgrimage to Stargate Yule

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Fri Nov 11 14:18:18 PST 2005

Calling all Pilgrims!

Tired after a long year of travel, battles, and raging
storms...Ready for a day of celebration, games,
classes, and laughter. Make a Pilgrimage to Stargate
Yule on December 10th.

Their Sentinel Excellencies, Master Ihon Vinson
MacFergus and Honorable Lady Isabeau Quiquandon invite
all to the Barony of Stargate’s Yule Revel-A Festival
of Byzantine Constantinople. During the event, compete
to be Stargate's newest Baronial Champion in Bardic,
A&S, or Children's A&S. Arrive early and make a
pilgrimage to the various shrines to gain indulgences
for past misdeeds. Take classes in 1st Aid, scribal
arts, button making and much more. Join us for a grand
feast of Greek and Middle Eastern dishes prepared by
Lord Vaclav and Lord Kenney. 

See our virtual scrolls at 
(or the Stargate website) for more information on the
day's events, Baronial Championships, location, and
site details. So make the Pilgrimage to exotic 12th
century Byzantine Constantinople, where a day of
celebration, dance, and good food await all! 

Your Event Stewards
Lady Annalies 
Lady Christeina

Yahoo! Mail - PC Magazine Editors' Choice 2005 

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