[Ansteorra-announce] News from The Baron's Men

Adam Seymour Adam_Seymour at thebaronsmen.org
Wed Oct 12 07:24:20 PDT 2005

Greetings Unto the Goode Folk of Ansteorra,

I have both sad and glad tidings from The Baron's Men regarding our upcoming 
scheduled performances. 

First, it is with greate regret that I must announce the cancellation of our 
scheduled performance of The Merchant of London at the upcoming Bryn Gwlad 
Baronial Championship (although His Excellency Thomas has informed me that 
teh scheduled Hafla shall take place as planned on Saturday evening). We are 
terribly disappointed that we cannot perform at this fyne event, but issues 
have arisen and one or two of our players cannot make the trip to Venice for 
the planned performance. (Methinks that the Doge's sheriffs may be on the 
look out for said players but that's best left under the rose.) 

I do have glad news to present ye, however and that is that we shall perform 
this most wondrous drama at The Tournament of the Order of the Rose on the 
first weekend in November in the Shire of Emerald Keepe. We therefore invite 
one and all to the Aster Theatre on Saturday evening following the day's 
festivities and evening court wherein we shall present our new play, a fyne 
drama entitled "The Merchant of London". 

I do thank you all and thus I remain,
Adam Seymour
Proprietor, the Aster Theatre

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