[Ansteorra-announce] Bryn Gwlad Baronial Championship Oct 21-23, Austin, TX

Nadine Latief nl33 at cornell.edu
Fri Oct 14 08:05:39 PDT 2005

As the bustle of a unique sea-port sets a landscape of opportunity 
for wealth and power, four great houses have risen out of the 
struggle and have found themselves deadlocked for control of trade 
and the future of Venice.

Come to Venice in the time of Marco Polo! This wondrous city is a 
bustling seaport with travelers from Europe, the Moorish lands and 
the Far East. In the early fourteenth century, we see beautiful 
ladies lounging in their gondolas, duels by the side of canals, and . 
. . political intrigue. Amidst village greens, castles, ships and 
theatres, Bryn Gwlad invites all to come and celebrate.

An evening court is planned at the Doge di Venezia's finest ship, the 
Bucentaurus, where we will celebrate our annual "marriage to the sea" 
ceremony, and honor all those who have been triumphant.  Afterwards, 
let music, dancing and revelry fill the night!

Details can be found in:

Our scrumptious Italian menu has been prepared by Mistress Clarissa. 
Hurry and make reservations before they sell out!

	Herb Cheese
	Carn a la Sarreynesca (Beef stew with sops)
	Limoneha (Chicken in Lemon Sauce)
	Pasteneguat (Pureed Carrots with Almond Milk)
	Salsa a Bolets (Mushrooms with Onions)
	Apples in wine & honey
	Candied Almonds

Quick updates:
Archery: Combat legal bows and crossbows, with combat arrows and 
bolts.  Shooting will be at man shapped targets.   Finals will be 
crossbow, loaner crossbows available.
The Baron's Men performance has alas been canceled for this event.
Rapier: Heavy combat format-  3 Stage Swiss Five  Followed by a Grand 
Melee Followed by a Tournament.
There's a Halfla and European dancing planned for this event. See 
website for details.

In service to the dream,
	Lord Jehan D'Aigle
	Lady Lowrie Leulyn
	Event stewards.

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