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Tue Jan 17 17:41:05 PST 2006

Greetings Ansteorra,

Two years ago, Bjornsborg hosted the Academy of Defense and chose 6 Provosts as the standout rapier fighters of the day.  On February 11, 2006, we shall again host the Academy of Defense as well as the Guardian of the Gauntlet and the Guardian of the Glove.  Below is our event announcement and you can go to http://www.bjornsborg.org/aod.html , where you can see the event announcement and a link to the event site, Nolte Island.

Please join us for a day full of fighting and fun.

Mistress Radegund of Tours
Baroness of Bjornsborg

Bjornsborg Academy of Defense


Guardian of the Gauntlet 

February 10-12 2006
Nolte Island Reservation, Seguin TX

Site Open from 2:00 PM Friday to Noon Sunday

Come join the Barony of Bjornsborg as it hosts a tournament of the four leading schools of the Art of the Rapier. The Masters of England, Germany, Italy and Spain will test your weapons skill to determine your worthiness as a Provost in the Bjornsborg Academy of Defense. The tournament will have both adult and youth rapier. The tournament will have several parts, so everyone will get more than enough fighting time. Armor inspection will start at 8 am with Court at 10:00 and fighting immediately after. 

Rounds are as follows:

  a.. In field challenges, Masters of each country will set up pairs within their field.

  b.. During the Field vs. Field challenges, Masters will set up matches between their country and another. (Gulf War champion tourney style)

  c.. Masters Challenge

  d.. Training Scenarios are fun little ways of testing your ability of handling a rapier.

Their Excellencies would like to know who will vie for the honor of being a Provost of Bjornsborg, so have your Letters of Introduction to enter the Academy to the Baron and Baroness of Bjornsborg by February 6th. 

After the Academy concludes, Don Pieter Rausch will host the Guardian of the Gauntlet tournament. This year's Guardian tournament will be fought entirely with heavy blades, and will be a single elimination, best two out of three. The Guardian of the Glove Tournament will run concurrently with the Guardian of the Gauntlet.

Artisans are invited to come and display their finest creations.

Tentative Feast Menu:

Spinach Pie Mushroom Pasties

Chicken en Croute Risotto 

Cream Tarts

Contact the head cook with questions about the dishes at lordgrise at aol.com subject line - Spring Event Feast.

Seventy five pre-paid feast reservations are available. Site and feast fees can be paid ahead of time via ACCEPS (coming soon).

Directions: Take Exit number 610 off of I-10 near Seguin and head south on the 123 Bypass. Turn left at FM 466 (at the Assembly of God Church) and follow the road around to the right. Turn right at the "Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority" sign


Adult Site-$8 Under 18 Site -$7 

11 and Under Site-$5 2 and Under Site-Free 

Family Max. $24

Feast $7 Kids Feast (hotdogs & tater tots) $3 

Make checks payable to "SCA, Inc., Barony of Bjornsborg"

Pets are allowed on site, but must be on a leash and have proof of vaccination. Horses are not allowed on site. Alcohol in period containers only.

Event Steward
Don Iago Cabrera de Cadiz Mailed 

Greg Coffman

350 Eastley

San Antonio TX 78217 

baroniago at earthlink.net

(210) 822-0057

Prepaid Feast Reservations (Mailed)

Barony of Bjornsborg

P. O. Box 460838

San Antonio, TX 78426-0838

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