[Ansteorra-announce] [Announcements] Mission statement apology

Jason Williams jwilliams at director.sca.org
Sat Jan 21 10:42:44 PST 2006

Unto the membership of the SCA,


During recent long-range planning discussions, the Board and Corporate
Officers determined that having mission statements for the SCA would be
necessary tools for future initiatives. Recently, the Board released mission
statements for the Corporate and re-creation activities of the SCA, for
which we received substantial feedback. In retrospect, we realize that
asking for commentary prior to releasing a final statement would have been
preferable. In short, we made a mistake.


While based on the current language in the Governing Documents, there are
subtle differences that could be interpreted as changing the focus of the
SCA. This was not our intent. 


Your input will be invaluable in determining what our steps going forward
should be, and we ask that you continue to offer constructive commentary
until March 1, 2006. Revised mission statements will be put out for comment
following the April 2006 Board meeting.


Again, the Board regrets that we failed to appreciate the controversy
releasing mission statements without input would cause. We do appreciate
your forbearance as we correct our error.




Jason Williams - Chairman, SCA, Inc.

(Duke John ap Gwyndaf, KSCA, OL)


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