[Ansteorra-announce] Official Post-Moonshadowe

Erik Langhans modius at cityscope.net
Sun Jan 22 22:25:12 PST 2006

Let me be very clear.

Moonshadowe did get approved to become a Province because of anything to do 
with Political or B&B issues.

Of the 100 plus hoops Moonshadowe was required to jump through, they also 
accomplished the following.

101.  Worked together as a well-adjusted and relatively problem free group 
for 20 plus years.

102.  Had close to 100% of their group working together in harmony for the 
vast majority of that time with single minded purpose.

103.  Had no factions in opposition to each other that stopped them from 
coming together as a tight knit and wholly unified group.

104.  Worked for the past 4 years trying to show the Kingdom Officers AND 
all B&B's in their region AND the Crowns that Moonshadowe could handle the 
change in group status and that it was the best course of action for the 
local group.

While these 4 items may seem easy in theory, they were not.

>From the new version of Kingdom Law posted on-line and in the Black Star 
which will be delivered to you shortly...


Section 7. Provinces

A.  A province is a branch recognized by the Crown and the BoD and that 
fulfills the requirements listed below:

1. At least 50 subscribing members of the SCA.

2. A full slate of warrantable officers, including a seneschal, herald, 
knight marshal, minister of arts and sciences, treasurer, chronicler, and 

3. A name and arms that have been registered with the College of Arms.

4. A record of at least two years of regular activity, including hosting 
events in all fields of SCA endeavor.

Provinces have all rights as outlined in Society Governing Documents except 
that they may not sponsor, create, or administer groups, nor may they create 
or administer awards. The status of Province is not a branch designation 
commonly achieved in Ansteorra, and there is no guarantee the Crown and 
Kingdom Seneschal will grant it, even if the basic requirements of Law are 


Just to be very clear.  There are 5 or so Provinces in the entire SCA. 
Their existence is an absolute rarity.  Having a B&B is the norm.

In case there are any groups thinking of becoming a Province I wanted to 
pass along the following insight...

(Please read carefully)

Currently and for the foreseeable future there are NO groups in Ansteorra 
that I as Kingdom Seneschal or the Crown feel would be suitable candidates 
for Province.

Moonshadowe is very likely to be the First and Last Province this Kingdom 
will ever have.

Don Modius, OL, OP, Baron, Lion

Kingdom Seneschal 

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