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Legacy of Lions and Bjornsborg's 30th Anniversary, October 20-22, 2006.

A dispute has arisen between the Baron and Baroness of Bjornsborg.  Some weeks ago, Saturday morning at Steppes Warlord, two ladies came before Their Royal Majesties with a dilemma they could not solve.  They asked for the Baron and Baroness of Bjornsborg to act as judges.  

The ladies explained that they were the Daughter of the Tournament of Lions and the Daughter of the Tournee de Lyonesse, and that each contended her tournament was the greatest.  Names of great Ansteorrans were thrown back and forth like missiles:  Chevalier de Guise, Chevalier Blanc, Richard of the 13 Opponents, Daffy-san of the Eastern Seas, and finally Riccardo di Pisa.

As the ladies would not give ground to each other, they turned to the Baron and Baroness of Bjornsborg, who began to argue themselves, exchanging stinging words.  As they could not solve the problem with words, they decided to host a grand tournament, between the forces of Lions and the forces of Lyonesse.


to be held October 20-22, 2006 (Make note of the date.  It is our Fall Event.)

at Whitewater Sports.



What does this mean to You?

*A letter of intent is required.  Letters will be accepted by email.  However, in an attempt to encourage creativity and artistry, there will be largesse given to the letter that pleases Us most.  In years past, letters have been written on paper and vellum, embroidered in fine cloth or carved into stone and wood.

*This is a judged tournament.  Chivalry, heraldry, comportment and presence counts.  You can win all your fights but treat the event like a fighter practice - you won't be chosen as a Hero.  You can lose all your fights, but do something spectacular or pay particular attention to the Ladies or the Gentles' Pavilion or stay in persona all day - you may be chosen.

If you've never heard of Lions, Lyonesse or Deeds of Heroes, ask around for stories.  Some of the lists of the Prides and the Champions of Lyonesse have been lost, but as they're found or reconstructed, we'll post them on the website.  Then you'll know who to ask.  Ask for stories of the fighters mentioned above: Chevalier de Guise, Chevalier Blanc, Richard of the 13 Opponents, Daffy-san of the Eastern Seas, Riccardo di Pisa.  Many Dukes, Counts, Knights and warriors of lesser rank may be found on those lists.

*You must be sponsored by an artisan.  Bring a token of the artisan's art to present to their Excellencies of Bjornsborg.  It can be as elaborate as an illuminated picture or as simple as bread from a baker's oven.  Artisans as well as warriors are prized by the Barony of Bjornsborg, and we would honor them by their sponsorship.

*There will be an A&S display with the theme of Bjornsborg history.  Pick a favorite person, moment or story.  Largesse will be given by the Baron and Baroness for their favorites and from the Ladies of the Fields for their favorites.

*Fighting will be as in years past.  For details, keep checking the website.  There will be challenges, melees and bridge battles.  

There will be a mace crest melee.  Crests will not be available on site.  Make or barter your own.  Maces may be available for purchase or rent, or you can bring your own to be certain.  The crests must meet specific size criteria which will be posted soon.  Last year a crest or two snuck by in the excitement that we would have barred, had we caught it in time.  We will be paying closer attention.  In an attempt to speed up the melee, it is possible that it will be without shields.  Keep checking the web site.

There will be a pumpkin carving contest.

As it is also our 30th anniversary as a Barony, there will be a museum and stories and songs from our long history.  We welcome you to join in.

More details will be posted to the website periodically, including articles about comportment, the importance of heralds, ransoms and fighting.

We hope to see many friends, old and new, this fall.

Mistress Radegund of Tours and Master Godwyn Alfricson

Baroness and Baron of Bjornsborg

3rd Barony in the Kingdom of Ansteorra

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