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Master Phelim Gervase called Pug seneschal at ansteorra.org
Sat Dec 15 07:38:21 PST 2007

Good Morning,


  The polling service on the website has not been used in a while, but I
hope to revive it with new polls once a quarter. The new questions are:


How many Kingdom War Colleges (where we drill troops and practice scenarios)
should we have per year?

Should Coronation be awarded further in advance? This would mean the
decision was made prior to Crown Tournament allowing better group planning
and site selection at the cost of it not being selected by the new Heirs.

If groups were allowed to make a donation to the Kingdom for an extra
Kingdom Calendar Event, how much would be reasonable?

The Kingdom currently has a guideline for a minimum distance between two
Kingdom Calendar Events. What is a reasonable distance between any two
hosting groups to help keep attendance at a viable level for smaller groups?

Should group and regional Seneschals be required to have Internet access
(either at home, work or public venues) in order to file monthly/quarterly
reports via standardized forms?


  The old polls have been closed down and results from them will be posted
in the February Blackstar. Polls going forward will be open for
approximately 90 days and then the results published in the next available
Blackstar. As well, results will be copied to the Greater Officers who might
be able to utilize the information for understanding the thoughts of a
sampling of the populace.


  The polls are not a binding vote of any sort, but a method for the Crown
and Greater Officers to understand how some of the populace views different
aspects of our game and corporation. Changes may or may not be coming from
each of the questions, but hopefully they will provide a deeper
understanding for those at the helm.


In Service,

Master Phelim Gervase called Pug

Acting Kingdom Seneschal

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