[Ansteorra-announce] Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition Thanks and Results

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Mon Feb 12 13:32:53 PST 2007

Greetings Ansteorra,

The Shire of Rosenfeld did a wonderful job hosting the Competition.  Thanks to HL Vara and Mistress Rhiannon for stewarding the event and to their outstanding crew.

Many thanks go to my fabulous pit crew: Mistress Rose and Master Geoff for helping with registration and photography; HL Elizabetta for registration, accepting judging forms and handing them back out again and for bringing us lunch; HE Iago for setting up the spreadsheet, data entry and printing the results in an easy to understand format and to Lord Briathel for making the wonderful artisans' tokens for those who scored 40 and above.  Their efforts made mine a hundred times easier.  I was addlepated when I forgot to thank them in court.  My apologies.

Thanks also go to Mistress Gwyneth for giving me the opportunity to do something I so love: organize stuff.   Thank you to the Crown for Their attendance, interest and participation in the Arts.

My sincerest thanks to the artisans and the judges.  The artisans worked very hard to get their projects ready for the Competition, and the judges worked hard to judge sometimes difficult pieces to the best of their abilities.

On to the results of the Competition.  
The Kingdom Artisan chosen by Their Majesties Romanius and Deanna is Debroa bat Yosef for her entry on Period Sheep Breeds.  The entry was fantastic, and the accolade well deserved.

The ten entries that will represent us at Gulf Wars this spring, and the three alternates are, in no particular order:

Debroa bat Yosef - Period Sheep Breeds
Keara Ryan - 16th/c Maiolica Dish
2 Harps and a Flute - Cantiga de Santa Maria #100
Oriana della Francesca - Illuminated Manuscript Folio
Katherine Rose Oliver - Lord's Feast or Peasant Supper
Ameline DuBois - Beehive Kiln
Mea Passavanti - 16th/c Italian Song
Rhiannon Redwulf - Paleographic Analysis and Music Reconstruction of an Antiphony Page
Lyonette an Lyden - Artist's Proof of a Relief Printed Block Book
Clariandra Delemere - Beowulf Calligraphy
alternate: Mylisant de Impinton - Hairnet with Brocaded Band
alternate: Hanna van Dahl - Card-Woven Ribbon Necklace
alternate: Rixende de Rouen - Core Formed Vessel

Thanks again to all who participated.

Mistress Radegund of Tours
Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition Deputy
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