[Ansteorra-announce] Insignia contest rescheduled for Coronation/Queens

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 24 12:55:48 PST 2007

As her Highness has expressed particular interest in Insignia, the contest must go on!  
The Insignia Contest will occur at Coronation/Queens, in conjunction with the Scribes Populace
Vote contest.  Insignia will be judged in two categories:  Quantity and Quality, with two prizes
respectively.  All Insignia in the contest will be donated to their Majesties for use in the

The Insignia Contest will be held under the large tent (BFT), where the A&S display and Scribes
contests are occuring; from Noon - 4pm.  Contestants do not have to be present to enter, but may
forward their insignia with another.  The winners will be announced in evening court.  Apologies
for this late notice, but it could not be avoided due to event reschedule.

Regards, Hillary Greenslade, Star Signet

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