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  Greetings from Mistress Jennet of Tewkesbury, Kingdom MoAS for Gleann Abhann.  Please forward the following information to your various information outlets.  Many Thanks! Jennet
  The Kingdoms of Meridies and Gleann Abhann are pleased to announce the first Gulf Wars Open Arts and Science Faire. If you are an artisan or interested in the arts and sciences,  Bede Hall on Thursday is the place to be.  This event is opened to artisans from any Kingdom in the Knowne World. 
  With all the wonderful things to do at Gulf Wars, we are adding something else that hopefully turns out to be a very good thing for the Artisans attending Gulf Wars.  This is different from the War Point A&S that takes place on Friday, which btw, I encourage everyone to take time to check out the wonderful top notch entries there too. 
  To make things easy - there are two categories - Static and Performing Arts.
  You can display your item or perform only if you choose.  To enter the Faire, documentation is required, although there will not be any formal judging as at a Kingdom Arts and Science competition.  The Faire will have prizes to award. The Royalty of Meridies and Gleann Abhann will give prizes for novice entries.  The Laurels of Gleann Abhann and Meridies plan to give prizes as well as several guilds are sponsoring categories for prizes.  
  All Laurels are invited to come by and the Populace is invited to come to choose their favorite entry also. We would love to meet you there. 
  Both Meridies and Gleann Abhann are excited to host this event at Gulf Wars.  We wish to encourage the artisans of the Knowne World to show off their talents and get to know artisans from other Kingdoms.  A Tea or Social may be included the schedule on Thursday afternoon.  
For more information contact 
The Gleann Abhann contact is Mistress Jennet of Tewkesbury at: 
Jennet_TewkesburyATyahoo.com  or  
The Meridies contact is Mistress Maudeleyn Godeliva Taillour at:  
  We hope to see YOU there!
  Mistress Jennet of Tewkesbury

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