[Ansteorra-announce] Bjornsborg's fall event, Ursae Lyons II, will be held October 17-19, 2008

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Greetings Ansteorra,

 Long have two noble spirits, the Lady of the Bear and the Lady of the Lion, held equal sway over the lands of Bjornsborg. But what before they held together, each would now claim for herself. 
A year and a day previously, the Nobles of Bjornsborg decreed that a tourney to decide this matter be held. The two Ladies and their champions did vie against one another and the Lady of the Bear did prevail.

The dispute has arisen again between the Lady of the Bear and the Lady of the Lion and will be settled before all assembled on the list field. 

The day of pageantry and noble deeds will begin with a grand procession.  We ask that each combatant be sponsored by an Artisan, who shall offer a small gift of his or her art to Their Excellencies as a token of their support.  

Sadly, there will be no mace crest melee, due to waning interest.  If you'd like us to do it next year, let us know!

The A&S competition will be a persona triathalon, with each artisan submitting 3 entries.
We will have Lady Debora's Game Tent available so come and learn to play some wonderful Medieval board games. The tavern, Il Rubinetto Durato, will be open Friday and Saturday nights.

Don't miss the Kingdom's most famous and coveted breakfast offered by the renowned Ansteorra Longship Company on Sunday morning! 

For fees, site information, A&S rules, letter of intent and artisan sponsor information, feast menu and ingredients and more, you can go to our website: 

Godwyn and Radegund
5th Baron and Baroness of Bjornsborg.
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