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Patrick Anderson president at sca.org
Wed Jun 18 14:06:10 PDT 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen,

There have been a couple common questions that have come through on
comments and in various email lists. I have asked Mazelle Attiya, the
Society Exchequer and Interim Corporate Treasurer, to address those. Her
comments are below.

I appreciate your patience and your well-thought out comments.

President, Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

Letter from Mazelle Attiya follows:

Allow me to address two specific questions that numerous people have
asked in regards to the proposal dealing with water bearing activities.

1.      Does it mean that we can’t use SCA Funds to purchase water,
Gatorade, food, etc for the fighters?

The answer is yes, groups, including kingdoms and the major wars can
still use SCA Funds to purchase supplies and food products for the
populaces’ use. Donations can still be taken for this but instead of it
going to the Waterbearer’s Fund; it will have to be place into a
different Fund. I will be discussing this with all the kingdom
exchequers. The group funds currently set aside for waterbearing would
still belong to the group to purchase water, etc. It just is not labeled
as belonging the guild/office anymore.

2.      What happens to the equipment and supplies that belong to the

Since SCA Funds were probably used to purchase the equipment and
supplies, then it all belongs to the group that bought the items. The
items still need to be listed on inventory and in the case of items
valued over $500 have to be included on the depreciation schedule of the
group as should currently be the case. Nothing changes there at all. The
best analogy that I can give is the following: think of the
Waterbearer’s Office as a division of a large corporation. If the
division is dissolved then the assets would be absorbed back into the
rest of the corporation. Same sort of scenario is happening here. There
is no impact financially as to who can use a group’s equipment, however
individual groups might have policies in place that restrict usage, such
as not allowing individuals from borrowing equipment for usage outside
of the SCA. You do not need to be an officer of a group to use its
property. Feastcrats/Headcooks would be a good example of non officers
using group property.

If any one has any further questions or comments, they may contact me at
treasurer at sca.org.

Mazelle Attiya
Interim Corporate Treasurer/Society Exchequer
Patrick Anderson
Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.
president at sca.org

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Box 360789
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