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Can you believe it, gates open Sunday!!  Less than a week now!!  Just a reminder to those that were sending things to my office for the Above & Beyond Table.....I only work Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday this week.  I leave for Gulf on Thursday.  Or you can always try to send it with someone.  I just want to Thank All Of You who have responded and offered to send things to Gulf War for the table.  THANK YOU!!

Hail unto the wonderful people of Ansteorra!  
Once again we have been called to represent our Kingdom at War.  While some champion Ansteorra through chivalric combat and others through craftsmanship and creative skill, a great many defend the honor of our Land by providing service to the War itself.
In past years our volunteer efforts have made a significant difference in determining which kingdom will emerge from Gulf Wars victorious.  This year it will be no less important…VOLUNTEERING IS WORTH TWO WAR POINTS!!!  I encourage each and every Ansteorran attending War to lend a hand for just 2 short hours to help ensure we walk away from War victorious!  
And don’t forget some of the other reasons to volunteer: 
Earn money for the SCA group of your choice.  For each hour of service you provide, a percentage of the War profits are set aside and given to the SCA branch or Kingdom of your choice.
Earn incentives.  For each 10 hours completed you earn tokens and every 15 hours completed you earn bonus prizes as a small thanks for going ABOVE AND BEYOND for the War.  In addition, for every 2 hours of service you will be given a ticket and you will be entered in a special drawing that will take place after Great Court on Saturday.  You must be present to win.
Make new friends.  Volunteering gives you the chance to meet people from other Kingdoms and take part in areas of the SCA that you might not normally experience.
Volunteering is very simple, just follow these easy steps:
SIGN UP.  Go to Volunteer Point and SIGN UP for one (or MORE!) of the many opportunities available (yes sign up is at Volunteer Point this year for all areas except Chirurgeons).  Fill out the top portion of the form we use to record your hours and tell us where to send the money you earned.
SERVE.  Report to the shift leader at the place, day and time of your shift, for instructions. 
BE COUNTED.  When your shift is over, bring the signed voucher you receive from your shift leader to volunteer point, where your hours will be recorded.  
VOTE & WIN.  For every 2 hours of service you record by 2 pm Saturday, you will receive a raffle ticket.  Drop one part in the bucket marked “Ansteorra” to VOTE for the war points.  Bring the other half of the ticket to the raffle to be entered to WIN cool prizes donated by the generous merchants of Gulf Wars.  (If you can’t be present, designate a person to be present with your ticket to collect your “prizes”.)  
That's all there is to it. Volunteering is fun and easy, plus it's a great opportunity to meet new friends.  The staff at Volunteer Point will be available all week during Gulf Wars to answer your questions about volunteering.  To learn more about volunteering before you hit site, visit www.gulfwars.org or email me privately ( ciana at cox.net ) and I will gladly answer any questions.  
One more thing, due to the amount of volunteering last year our Above & Beyond Table was left bare.  If any one of you have things you would like to donate please get them to someone that you know is going to Gulf Wars and ask them to bring it to Volunteer Point.  
I look forward to seeing you at Volunteer Point!!!

Yours in Service to the Kingdom, the War, and our Dream—

Lady Ciana O’Hara
Barony of Northkeep
Kingdom of Ansteorra

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