[Ansteorra-announce] Cut & Thrust at Candlemas

James Crouchet james at crouchet.com
Wed Feb 3 02:15:42 PST 2010

His Excellency Avery, Baron of Bryn Gwlad has arranged for a bit of fun of
the Cutting and Thrusting variety during the day at Candlemas. This is no
grand spectacle, just a chance to knock off the rust, cut through the winter
blahs and carve out a little fun. In addition to the tournament we will have
fields open for pickup bouts. Participants are encouraged to bring tokens or
other largess and to offer praise and rewards to those who impress you in
the tournament or in pickup bouts.

Since there are a limited number of C&T fighters in Ansteorra, we expect to
use an extended format such as the recently popular triple elimination. When
we see how many sign up to fight we will pick a format that gives us all
plenty of fights. Come prepared to fight single sword, sword & defensive
secondary and sword & offensive secondary.

Armor inspection will begin at 10:00am, list signup will close at 11:00am
and the tournament will end by 3:00pm.

We will not delay the start of the tournament for authorizations so if you
plan to get authorized before the tournament contact the kingdom C&T
marshal, Don Corvin Fenarro, to make arrangements.

If you plan to eat during the tournament bring your lunch with you. We do
not plan to take a lunch break but we may have a longish pause between two
of the rounds to allow those who brought lunch to eat.

Since there are few marshals for C&T we are asking those fighters who are
C&T marshals to assist by marshaling some of the bouts.

I will be running this tournament under the Reduced Armor rules which you
will find here:
Remember, C&T fighters must still have required protection for knee, elbow,
back of the hand and wrist.

If you have any questions about the tournament, please send them to me, Don
Christian Doré. at james at crouchet.com .
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