[Ansteorra-announce] WAR! Be Prepared & Be Authorized!

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Event Announcements:  
Quest for the Round Table at Tir Medion & Equestrian College at Ffynnon Gath
Ansteorra, the mighty army of the Black Star must rise and take arms for King and Queen!
Gulf War is upon us my friends and kinsmen!  Gather your arms, prepare your mighty steeds and make sure you have your authorizations up to date!
This weekend February 26th - 28th, the Southern Region is hosting not one, but two events to assist you in honing your skills, preparing your hearts and minds for battle!
To Tir Medion you must go to challenge yourselves in the style of the great Knights of the Round Table!  There will be tournaments, challenges of mind, body, skill and chivalry.  Heavy fighters, see if you are worthy of being considered a brother or sister in arms to the Mighty Arthur, King of the Britons!  Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, Sir Kay await you!  Are you worthy?  Will you deny your chance for glory?  Will you get to Gulf War and be unauthorized!  NO!  The Quest for the Round Table, hosted by the Shire of Tir Medion awaits you!
Have you a mighty War Horse, chomping at the bit to take down our enemies?  Then to Ffynnon Gath you must go!  There challenge your skills upon horseback, learn from the great horsemen and horsewomen of Ansteorra and be authorized for Gulf War!  The Shire of Ffynnon Gath plays host to an Equestrian College this coming weekend.  Authorizations for the Equestrian field will take place, along with instruction for both riders and ground crew and good fellowship to be had.  Gulf War is just weeks away, with the Lysts at Castleton soon to follow.  Take advantage of the opportunity for the Ansteorran Equestrian community.
To Arms, to Gulf War, to Victory!

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