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Mon Sep 13 06:49:02 PDT 2010

Greetings from Radegund, Insignia deputy, deputy to Star

I have a couple of things to write to you today.

1.  The following are award insignia that are currently needed by the Kingdom:

Sable Talon

Sable Comet

Iris of Merit ribbon

Star of Merit ribbon

Centurion ribbonArc d'Or

Other insignia will be cheerfully and gratefully accepted,
but these are the insignia that the Kingdom is low on, at present.  So leatherworkers, casters, carvers, glassworkers, potters
and fiber artists, this is your chance to help Their Royal Majesties recognize
the deserving among us.  

Remember to put
a little card with your name and group along with each piece of insignia,
preferably in a small plastic bag for each piece.  For design information, go to this link: http://scribe.ansteorra.org/resources/ansteorranawardinsignia.pdf .  This
is a document written by Mistress Stella that has valuable information about
the production of insignia.  The only
caveat is that I’ve been told that the Sable Talon should be more vertical than
diagonal.  And remember that some insignia are asymetrical and should face a particular direction.  Lastly, please finish the insignia.  It will make it easier on all involved.  

Insignia may be given to Regional Signets, myself, Baron Duncan (Star Signet), Mistress Gunhilda (Sable Scroll) or Their Majesties' entourage.

2.  There is a new mailing list - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/anst_insignia/
I am hoping that this list will be a place to share tips, techniques, materials and design (within the requirements) ideas.  If you'd like to join, go to the above link so I can approve you, but also send an introduction with your name and group to the list, so we can get an idea where everyone is from, and how different groups and regions are represented.   There will be a place for photos as
 well.  I hope it will be a useful email list.
Thanks to all,Radegundis Turonensis(Radegund of Tours)Insignia Deputy

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