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Wed Aug 23 09:43:56 PDT 1995

> Yes, but can they (people with arms registered before rule 
changes) fly their arms if they do play? 
Or do we make > exceptions to those people who have been in longer?
We do make exceptions for those who have their name and device 
registered before rule changes. Any device or name registered is 
"allowed" to be used by the person who registered it in perpetuity in 
the SCA. The convention is called "grandfathering"

> I don't see this method taking any longer. I don't see how it could. You
> have the same number of people doing submissions, the only thing is you
> will not have to return all of them that use modern heraldry. Sounds to
> me like it would eventually cut down since people won't have to resubmit,
> as many, multiple times. *shrug*

It would take a long time just to develope new rules for the "new" 
kind of armoury. Also people on the whole prefer to try to be as 
period as possible in their device construction, they and or their 
local may not know just may not know what that is. (Changing to two 
systems would be even more confusing). Also, in reality 
the only thing you would change are some charges, positions and add 2 
tinctures. Most devices are not turned back for non-period style but 
for conflict, proportion, and identifyability problems.

Just FYI, currently there is a case before the College of Arms 
appealing some decisions on color on color (specifically red and 
black one on another) Persons have documented red on black registered 
in colleges of arms in 3 or 4 different countrys in period. Don't 
know if it will go through, but it might. 

> Now if we could just get rid of the elitism that is associated with
> people playing the politics that hurts people. (Rumormongering,
> backstabbing, etc. *sigh*) Unfortunately elitism is all too typically
> associated with the bad aspects instead of the good.

Good luck!!! If you have two people you have politics. There is a 
thin line between the spread of information and rumourmongering, lots 
of times it just depends on the perspective you are seeing it from.


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