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Nan Bradford-Reid n.b-reid at mail.utexas.edu
Tue Aug 22 08:04:54 PDT 1995

>> >Hey, there are *plenty* of "Great Imperial Poobah", and "Lord High
>> >Muckety-Muck" positions available in *this* "elistist" society!
>> Don't forget that Patron Saint of Belly-button Lint is TAKEN
>> Antonio
>> [Once there was a girl who worked very hard and rammed everything down
>> everyone's throat so that she could go to the Citadel and be just like the
>> boys.  When she finally got there she found out that it was TOO HARD.  So
>> she QUIT!]
>Nothing bad here met but i would like to observe that there were 23 OTHER
>lads that quit the Citidel BEFORE the lady

Thank you, thank you.  Shame on you, Antonio.  Don't worry , all those
little yup leathernecks will have ten or twenty of the "girls" to deal with
next year, let's see how many of them are pumping their fists in the air,

Minor third chief assistant mutt in her own elitist closet.

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