Ideal event

Tue Aug 22 12:40:23 PDT 1995


Moriel, where's that event? I'm on my way. You hit the nail on the head.

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Subject: Re: Ideal event
Author:  C11Hartel at at smtp
Date:    7/6/95 9:12 PM

The perfect event....
     1.  3-4 days of  all aspects of the SCA(Fighting, A&S classes, dancing,
feasting...)                  without the stupidity and rudeness of 
"RHINO-HIDES", "AUTHENTICITY                             POLICE", AND TALK OF 
THE MODERN WORLD (gaming, computers, Star                      Trek,etc...)(I 
do get aggrevated at the amount of modern-world stuff which is
          left in view at events, but, on the other hand, I get even madder
when I hear of                     someone's A&S project being "flamed" 
because they used machine-manufactured              thread to weave with 
instead of spinning their own is a bit much...)
                                    (err,umm,excuse me wasn't your garb sewn
on an electric sewing-machine while                sitting in your 
air-conditioned house and listening to your CDs on the stereo?...)
     2.   Another "ideal" thing would be a shower-house/restroom facility
which does not                  back-up, over-run, run out of toilet paper, 
or have lots of little shampoo bottles and            soap bits floating 
around because people were in to much of a hurry or too lazy to
           take the time to throw them away.
      3. I also like the idea of trees, lots of trees. Low  80* days and 50*
nights sounds                  great!  Cabins really make it nice in that the 
amount of stuff to be hauled is
         lessened and in case of cruddy weather there is a dry place to
escape to.
      4. A child-free event!  Not necessarily from other's children, just my
own!  Love her to 
          pieces but sometimes it is nice to be away from her.
      5. A GREAT map and even better SIGNS showing the way.  Especially for
those way
          out sites.
        "nuff said,

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