SCA name/group listings...

Pug pug at
Thu Jul 13 06:56:05 PDT 1995

Good Morning,

  Since the discussion came up, and people think I know where everyone
  is, *laugh*, I thought we would try the following. (Hell, I proved I
  cann't even tell East from West. *grin*)

  Those people who wish to have their SCA name and/or Region listed in
  the who list, please send me the information. If you are not in
  Ansteorra make sure to list what Kingdom you are from as well. I plan
  on using the format "SCA name - Region, Kingdom", where the Kingdom is
  left off if it is Ansteorra.

  For example:

"Phelim Uhtred Gervas - Bryn Gwlad" <pug at>

  now shows up if you get a who listing for the Ansteorra list.

  Please make sure to send this information directly to me and not to
  the list!!!


Phelim Uhtred Gervas  | "I want to be called. COTTONTIPS. There is something 
Barony of Bryn Gwlad  |  graceful about that lady. A young woman bursting with 
House Flaming Dog     |  vigor. She blinked at the sudden light. She writes
pug at  |  beautiful poems. When ever shall we meet again?"

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