SCA owned land

Nancy Bradford-Reid n.b-reid at
Thu Jul 13 14:07:23 PDT 1995

>>Sounds great.  There's only two problems with it (at least as concerns
>>being "perfect").  1) the hall's too small and 2) it's not here.
>OTOH, Having a site that is permantent, and with a little work could have
>things like the parking lot blocked from view, and all those little things
>people were asking for in sites, is something to not be piffled at.  Moreover,
>such a site might even be maintained so that people who were not out to
>do a Fair or a Tournament might camp a quiet weekend there at little or
>no expense (say while passing through to a *real* event, or something).
>It's something *I*'d be willing to contribute energy towards making look
>more "right".

Well, I realize the first could be remedied and I was only halfway serious
about the second.  However, just from my own personal viewpoint, unless I
win BIG in the lottery I neither have the time nor the money to go to more
than one or two events a year north of Dallas (have only ever been to one
in OK at all, Mikael's first coronation) so if the site for most kingdom
events were there, I guess I'd be left out in the cold.  The "perfect site"
would need to be more centrally located in the kingdom, for all concerned.
And yes, a permanent site--centrally located--would be *very nice* and we
might even be able to help maintain it by renting it out.  Of course, that
would entail a whole new set of details which probably don't even need to
be discussed here because I can't see us raising that kind of money.

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.
If turnips were watches, they'd all have the time.


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