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Mon Mar 20 06:12:33 PST 1995

> My apologies to those who are not from Bryn Gwlad.

I mentioned this to you just incase you didn't know about the bryn-gwlad

Now on to business.

We've (I've worked it in, no one has complained) decided that Baronial
level meetings/guilds are appropriate for this list. Do we wish to
continue this or a different service of having Baronial/Shire level
mailing lists as well? The problems will be that:

1) People have to send it to the appropriate list.
2) People may not realize they need to sign on to 2 lists.
3) People may recieve information for a Barony/Shire that they just don't
   care about.

Any comments?

The only reason I ask is that people may not care about things as me
relaying the Baronial business meeting notes and calendar and that on
this list. There doesn't seem to be any complaints, but will there be if
every Barony starts doing this?

I created the bryn-gwlad list when I first created the Anstoerra list
due to the fact that there was a local email alias this was all created
out of. This whole thing just sorta happened one day when Mordraut made
the mistake of suggesting it and I was stupid enough to take it up.


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