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Tue Mar 28 00:29:50 PST 1995

Reply to Litch to all
meadhb says: 
> >  Its very difficult for the Laurels
> >(as a group or individuals) to visit every shire, canton and barony in this
> >kingdom.
> Really? To my knowledge, every Barony has at least one resident laurel, and
> many shires do. Is it really that much trouble for them to poke around, to
> find out what people are doing? To correspond with other laurels and
> mention the
> people in your are who are doing things?
Not EVERY barony or shire has a resident laurel. They are 
concentrated in the large population centers of the kingdom. MANY 
groups do not have immediate access to peers at all. People resent 
others "poking around" in their business.  Many people have peer-fear 
or resentment. If you have been around any Laurels you would know 
that they are always encouraging people and looking for artisans new 
to them. They do bring up and discuss people in their areas and any 
one else they think might be promising.
 > >  We can't just depend on word of mouth about people's artistic > 
>talent--one needs to see it!!! > 
> When was the last time you saw a laurel actually taking active measure to
> investigate people's activities rather than just sitting back and expecitng
> it to be brought to them?
Lots of the time. They do not birddog people, but they do make 
efforts to learn what people are doing.  If they sense someone is 
uncomfortable with them or does not respond positively they, as is 
human, will leave from where they percieve they are not wanted. 

 > >  The competitions are a wonderful way to get > >the artisans 
together (not just the laurels). > 
> I consider them a hideous way of doing that. You force people to endure a
> highly subjective (and frequently politcal) beauty contest. They are
> usually judged by people without more than a fragmentary knowledge of your
> art. On the rare occasions when you do encounter someone who also practices
> something similar to what you do, you are placed in competion with them.
> Sharing with them is> not in your interest as it reduces your 
chance to win the competition. >

A & S competitions are not manditory. This is a volunteer 
organization and you cannot be forced to participate. For the most 
part, most judges try to keep the political aspects out of the 
competitions. I have watched Laurels and others and have myself judged 
competitions. Mostly people will judge what they know and the person 
in charge of the competition tries to get people who have a good base 
of knowledge in each catagory. It does'nt always work that way. You 
can't force people to participate as judges no matter the extent of 
their knowledge.

> >  A perfect system?? Not by a long shot but its the best we have 
right now. > 
> So we should just sit back, shut up and accept it? Does the GOP know you've
> stolen thier platform?

You have a choice to participate or not. Competitions are not the 
only way to get recognized. Donate things for prizes or to landed 
nobles or the crown to give out as largess. Make stuff for newbies 
or the Hospitillar box. Or personal loaner gear. You have a brain, use 
 > > >meadhbh > 
> -Michael
Above all it is everybody's job to see that the efforts are awarded 
or at least appreciated. There is no one way to do or get anything.
It is as individual a process as everyone in the SCA is an INDIVIDUAL.
If you don't think an individual is getting enough recognition you 
and others who think it should happen should write the Crown and 
recommend the action you wish to see happen. If the Crown gets enough 
cards and letters they will question the Laurels about this person. 
If the person is open to appoach the Laurels will usually subtly 
start trying to find out more about the individual. 

Lorraine DeerSlayer 


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