Mead Brewing?

Baker, Mike mbaker at
Tue Dec 3 09:49:00 PST 1996

Pug, I have yet to finish a full batch of mead BUT:

I found that I got a "good" pitch using only a half package of champagne 
yeast, mixed to warm water (about 10 degrees above room temperature) and 
allowed to activate for roughly four hours. This was to a must of just less 
than three gallons (have to check volume of the glass jug...).

BTW: I actually had too much must for the jug, and have two wide-mouth jars 
covered by plastic wrap secured by rubber bands that seem to also be 
fermenting well. I know that one of these supplemental mini-vats should have 
had none of the champagne yeast introduced, so I am suspicious ... and will 
be therefore be extremely cautious in testing the results from all three 

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