Mead Brewing?

Pug Bainter pug at
Tue Dec 3 10:15:25 PST 1996

> I found that I got a "good" pitch using only a half package of champagne 
> yeast, mixed to warm water (about 10 degrees above room temperature) and 
> allowed to activate for roughly four hours. This was to a must of just less 
> than three gallons (have to check volume of the glass jug...).

You certainly can. All it needs is one yeast cell to get started. Some
yeasts are better at getting started in high SG than others, so they
usually don't need as much to get going.

> BTW: I actually had too much must for the jug, and have two wide-mouth jars 
> covered by plastic wrap secured by rubber bands that seem to also be 
> fermenting well. I know that one of these supplemental mini-vats should have 
> had none of the champagne yeast introduced, so I am suspicious ... and will 
> be therefore be extremely cautious in testing the results from all three 
> containers.

I usually don't worry about it. I've got so much yeast floating around
my house that random juices sitting out will start fermenting. I've not
tried a full batch this way though. Yet.


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