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Matthew R. Popalisky mpopali at
Tue Dec 3 16:35:41 PST 1996

On Tue, 3 Dec 1996, Gunnora Hallakarva wrote:

> another subculture).  I have found over the years that, although my primary
> identity was as a Viking scholar medievalist rather than as a lesbian, the
> World In General has insisted on intruding with many political and social
> jabs that have forced me to respond in political and social ways.  From


This labling attitude has offended me for years.  I think I was first
annoyed with those idiots who were utterly shocked that my mom, a
full-force "libber" was also a full-time mom and an excellent knitter.

I am Catherine.  I am a member of the human race.  I am a damn good
teacher of children.  I am an excellent musician.  I practice several
fibre arts and am an excellent cook.  I like history and often call myself
Kateryn when participating in things historical.

Now, in this standard definition of myself, would subbing in the names
Misha and Rodrik make any real difference?


There is more to me than the choromosomes XX.  There is more to me than
the fact that my helpmeet happens to be male.

When we learn to overlook these last two paltry distictions, then the
world will be a much better place.

Godspeed in making a difference, Gunnora.

Grimfells, Calontir.

PS, Out-there queens *do* throw great parties :)

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