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Thu Dec 5 15:34:35 PST 1996

 So to you, the  people of Ansteorra, I pose a query, how has the SCA
changed since you joined?  THe level of authenticety,the fighting, the arts,
or just the "flavor" of  events. How have these changed? Are we getting better?


Howdy Timo!

Having joined "only" 11 years ago many things have changed.  I remember
freon helms which were on their way out.  I remember vambraces being
optional, I believe the "WINGS" on knees were too.  

Let's see...female marshalls were not common.  Some fighters (***NOT
ALL!!!***) disreguarded marshalls if the marshal was not a fighter first.
Sometimes I think if it were not for Sir Arthur of the Fen and Sir Seamus ,
and Sir Ian McBaird, I would never have become a marshall.  

Events were almost always a full-weekend deal.  Get there Friday night and
not leave until LATE Sunday afternoon.  Sundays used to have more than just
a final court.  Many times there were full tournies run on Sunday.

It ***SEEMED*** as if courtesy and helpfullness from men was more
widespread.  I remember being "told" by a knight, whom I did not know, to
put down an ice-chest I was carrying  and him then carrying it to my
encampment for me.  I remember when  more men would stop and offer a lady,
(reguardless of size, age, or looks,) assistance.

I remember being able to stay up with the Dawn-patrol and not going to sleep
until I got home Sunday night.  I remember drinking WAY TOO much more than
once.  Filk songs around fires at 2:30 in the morning... LOTS less talk of
e-mail, computers, TV shows, or modern-day things.

I remember Inman as King( his third time I believe) fighting a 12 year old
girl in a boffer fight...and her winning...Hector and Rowan (their first
reign) smooching during court on the thrones, Kief (pre- knight/baron)
almost blowing up a tent with a propane bottle, and many other silly yet fun

Many things have changed.  Some for the better some not so.  None-the-less a
person can and will get only as much as they put into the SCA.  Times have
changed and so have we all...


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