Peer Fear

Beth Zimmerman bethzimm at
Wed Dec 18 18:01:25 PST 1996

Vicki Marsh wrote:
> Greetings!!
> When I first started, I remember being intimidated by peers and nobility,
> mostly because when I tried to talk to them, they weren't interested talking
> to me.. Or so it seemed.  <snip insightful story of self and newbie.
> The biggest thing is to volunteer, to help as much as possible.  It will get
> you more introductions, and get you involved faster that anything else.

Your excellency,
  You brought a chuckle to me and a moment to consider how fortunate I
have been in the society.  My daughter brought me to my first event and
showed mom the ropes.  She introduced me and explained the things going
on around that I didn't understand.  Gentles like yourself welcomed me
with open arms, a joke, and work.  Before I knew it I was working troll,
singing, and lending a hand wherever needed.  It was so gently and
graciously done.  For this I am very greatful, and have come to love
this dream we live.

Afrena O'Dunlaing
Simone's Mommy

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