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>Greetings again Ansteorrans and all who read these words.
>A few things have happened with Queens' Champion due to the ice/snow of this
>past weekend. (Feb 1-4) Many rumors were heard floating around at Candlemas
>from what I was told.  Here is the scoop... 
>There  IS still going to be Queens' Champion the weekend of February 16-18.
>The tourney WILL still be held at the site marked on the map in the Black
>The feast WILL be INSIDE -BUT- at the Belton MIDDLE School and NOT the High
>School.  The middle school is about one block behind the high school and
>seats 450.
>Any more questions please feel free to ask either Baroness Caterina
>(tourney/general info), Baroness Clarissa (feast info) or myself.

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