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Thu Mar 7 11:33:17 PST 1996

Here is the COMBAT section of my SCA Rialto Files.

Those who have Web access can find these files at:
  or the new location:

I can also send these by email or on disk. If you request files be
sent this way, please specify whether you wish text or Word format.
Word format gets you the original formatting and fonts, but you will
need a word processor that understands this format to read them. Other
formats are possible such as Word Perfect.

Stefan li Rous    Barony of Bryn Gwlad
(512)892-0036     markh at

The file size is in bytes with about 3K bytes per page.

a-treating-msg    (14K) 10/11/94    Surface treatments for armor. Blackening.
armor-msg         (36K) 12/ 7/93
armor-leather-msg (50K)  7/21/94    Making leather armor.
armor-plastic-msg (50K) 10/11/94    Making plastic armor.
armorers-lst      (32K)  3/ 6/96    List and reviews of SCA armorers.
axes-msg          (14K)  3/ 6/95    Viking axes, throwing axes.
b-battles-art      (9K)  8/ 4/94    Creating more authentic bridge battles.
battle-ideas-msg  (32K) 10/ 4/95    24 hour battles and other ideas.
chainmail-msg     (99K) 11/ 2/95    Making chainmail.
f-fighters-msg    (23K) 11/22/95    Protective gear for female fighters.
firearms.msg      (72K)  5/15/95    Early firearms and cannon. Reproductions.
gambesons.msg     (23K) 10/25/95    Gambesons, SCA and period.
gauntlets-msg     (14K)  2/ 3/95    Hand protection, gloves, gauntlets.
helmets.msg        (5K)  3/ 3/95    Helmets. SCA and period.
jousting.msg      (14K)  3/21/95    Medieval and modern jousting from horses.
knife-throwing.msg (27K) 3/ 1/94    Knife-throwing and throwing knives.
marshalling-msg   (14K)  6/13/95    Marshalling SCA combat.
mercenaries-msg   (32K) 11/ 1/95    Mercenaries in period.
p-armor-msg       (81K) 10/11/94    Period armor.
quarterstaff-msg  (18K)  9/26/95    Quarterstaffs and why they're not used in
                                      the SCA.
rattan-msg        (32K) 12/ 6/95    Working with rattan.
SCAweapons-msg    (18K) 10/31/95    SCA weapons ideas. Construction tips.
shields-msg       (54K) 10/ 4/95    SCA and period shields.
siege-engines-msg (68K) 11/ 8/95    Catapults, trebuchets. Period and modern.
slings-msg        (14K)  2/ 8/95    Slings as weapons.
swordcare-msg     (18K)  1/ 3/96    Comments on the care of steel swords.
squires-msg       (23K)  1/11/96    Comments on SCA and period squires.
swords-msg        (27K) 10/ 9/95    Medieval swords, history of various
tournaments-art   (36K)  8/16/95    Articles on doing more authentic SCA 
                                         tournaments by Arval.
tournaments-msg   (45K) 11/30/95    Medieval tournaments.
tourn-ideas-msg   (36K)  8/16/95    Ideas for SCA tornements.     (18K)  4/25/95    Wall Street article on a modern
warfare-msg       (17K)  2/21/92    Period warfare.
weapons-msg       (14K)  3/12/92    Period weapons other than the sword.
wounds-msg        (18K) 10/12/95    Battle wounds in period.

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