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Tue Oct 1 13:14:19 PDT 1996

Galen of Bristol here!

Michael Gunter (better known as Sir Gunthar) wrote:
> Thank you for the wonderful information on Flag and Banner making Mistress
> Gunnora.  That gels with a question I have for all of you Herald-types out
> there.  I wish to make proper flags or banners for Lyonness and I would like
> some information on what registration I may need to do and what would go on a
> banner.  I'm thinking of both a long pennant and the square banner on the "L"
> frame.
> Suggestions, anyone?
> Yers,
> Gunthar

I think I can help with this.

The square banner on the "L" frame should best display your arms, and it should only be 
displayed in your immediate presence.  (Got a squire to follow you around with this?  
Shades of St. Hrothgar!)

A long penant can display your arms, or...

This:  Put the Ansteorran badge (or, a mullet of 5 greater and five lesser points within 
a bordure sable) in a rectangular space nearest the flagpole; this is called the 
"hoist".  You could also place your arms in the hoist, or the national flag -- not the 
arms -- of your persona's country (such as "argent, a cross throughout gules" for 
England).  In the rest of the pennant, the "fly", put badges (personal badges, and the 
badges of branches, awards, orders, etc. that you're entitled to), and your motto 
(except in the hoist, your arms won't be on such a pennant).  Or make smaller ones with 
one badge each on them.

Always happy to encourage heraldic display!

- Galen of Bristol
Nautilus Pursuivant

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