Re Ansteopality

Leslie Miller miller at
Fri Oct 18 10:14:40 PDT 1996

> <Leslie Miller <miller at>>
> >Actually, just for the record, it's "Gnomon Vale,...
> Since a Gnomon is a pointer, a stick used to note a direction, that
> makes a lot more sense then some of the other options.

Hmmmm, maybe the runestone itself is the "gnomon", and it has nothing 
to do with the name on the runestone, as I suggested earlier.  (There 
is a name, I know, but I don't remember what it is...)  

I've asked a friend in Gnomom Vale to send me the real story, and 
I'll post it when (if) I get it.  Kinda goes with the thread on how 
groups were started, and the history of Ansteorra.

Incidentally, it was announced at Protectorate that Gnomom Vale is no 
longer "Incipient," for those interested in such things.  :-)


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