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Fri Oct 18 13:06:25 PDT 1996

Heilsa all Ansteorranfolk...

Kief his guise as a retired Principal Herald...!

Gunhilda wrote:

>Actually, just for the record, it's "Gnomon Vale," and my understanding 
>is that the name has nothing to do with "gnomes," but rather with the 
>name found on the Heavener runestone.  I think the story runs 
>something to the effect of: soon after getting together a small group of 
>people with a common interest in things medieval, they made 
>a pilgrimage to see the Heavener Runestone.  Being inspired by the 
>awesome rock, they desided to name their valley after the name inscribed 
>on the runestone.  
>I'm rather heraldically impaired, so I couldn't begin to discuss the 
>appropriateness of said name, but I thought folk might be interested 
>in the reasoning behind their choice.  I know the common mistake of 
>assuming that they intended some connection to gnomes is a rather sore 
>spot with some of them. :-)

I was in office when the name request first came through. It was Gnomevale.
There was, for the record, absolutely no mention of the "Heavener Runestone".
If there had been some mention of the Runestone the decision "might" have been
in favor of the first name submission. I say "might" because the Heavener
Runestone has never been placed in period... Some learned folk say it's an
outright forgery. 

It is NOT a common mistake about their name choice. The original submission
talked about GNOMES... You know those little guys...wisened folk of the
legends... Only problem with Gnomes, as living or legendary beings, is the fact
that the name Gnome is definitely _post_ period... I consulted with the herald
at the then Gnomevale and tried like the dickens to find a way to pass their
original submission. Not once did any of them ever mention the Heavener
Runestone... I only wish they had... If the folks that are grumbling that their
original name had nothing to do with "Gnomes" all they have to do is read
the submission forms in their branch herald's files or in Asterisk Herald's

And you, Gunhilda, in my experience, are impaired in _nothing_ you set your mind
to. Your talents are evident to all that care to see... As is your service to
Ansteorra! Thank you for everything you've done to advance the cause of our

Respectfully, your brother...

Sir Kief...

"Better the Hammer than the nail..."

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