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Fri Oct 18 18:23:29 PDT 1996

>Heilsa, Ya'll
>        Or how about the Butterfly Hunt?  Jan and Kemreth were on the
>throne, we hadn't been a kingdom but a year or so... Baron Bjorn of Namron
>laid claim to Bjornsborg, said it was his personal property (Bjorn's-burg)
>and should pay tribute.  Baroness Alexandra Tatiana Feodnorovna of Novgorod
>brought Russian plotting to all time new highs of excitement (I'm just a
>sweet young thing from the steppes of Russia!  Bat, bat.  Sigh.  Wink.)
>Tribute was refused, the situation began to bubble, and conflict was
>        Then when Bjorn showed up with the Namron forces and mercenaries,
>prepared to seize the tribute he felt was owed him, who should appear but
>The King.  Who wanted to know, quite reasonably, where one of his barons was
>going with all those armed men through the Crown's lands without permission
>to wage war on another territorial landholder!  Bjorn thought fast and
>replied that he and his men were not going to war, they were on a.... um...
>ah... Butterfly Hunt!  That's it!  Jan twirled his mustache and asked in a
>droll fashion why Bjorn and his men needed all those sharp weapons.  I
>believe Bjorn made allegations as to the size and puissance of Ansteorran
>        Jan went to Baroness Alexandra, and asked if she woulkd withdraw her
>troops... she agreed to do so, but only so far as Loop 1604, so that she
>could protect the lands needed to grow crops and prevent winter starvation.
>Of course, negotiations broke down, and a grand carnage was held by all.
>Boy, those were the days.   A nice war and we didn't have to travel millions
>of miles to go to it, we held it on our own soil.  We ought to do thtese
>things more often!
>Hooray for genuine Ansteorra history.
Of course, the MOST important thing that came out of this hunt (at least in
my opinion) was that Tivar and I first got attached. Boy, these little hunts
sure can have repercussions, can't they? :)

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