Whine, whine, whine

Aodhan Ite an Fhithich aodhan at dobharchu.org
Wed Oct 23 21:41:19 PDT 1996

dennis grace wrote in a message to All:

 dg> The archer in
 dg> question is making a valid point and Baron Aodhan's following
 dg> "analogies"--

 dg> --do nothing to diminish the validity of the gentleman's argument. 
 dg> He is speaking of the norm--Baron Aodhan's "analogues," while
 dg> certainly frustrating in and of themselves, are exceptional.  These
 dg> examples only serve to belittle the man for feelings of frustration
 dg> over clearly exampled disrespect.  

Oh, I see.  Because some heavy fighter are clods and deliberately step on
arrows and break them, the archers deserve a separate award.  Because some
people are merely careless and spill things on scrolls, scribes do not.


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