Names, Meanings, and the Web

Vicki Marsh zarazena at
Sat Oct 26 09:22:34 PDT 1996

Greetings, from Zara Zina

Gunnora wrote:
>        OK, glad to have the info that the Web site with the names is a
>crock.  But reading the critique led me to wonder if it might not be useful
>for some experts to compile and post *good* lists out there instead.

This sounds like a challenge to a me. I have seen some lists on Old English
or Anglo-Saxon names in "It Cometh in the Mail", but it has been awhile.

I think this could be a good topic for a research paper - documenting names
and the naming practices of a specific area/language/time period.

Considering what I've gone through recently with my own name...Hmmmm. Maybe
after finals in December....Byzantine/Greek names..

Zara Zina..pondering again.

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