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Tue Aug 5 20:39:09 PDT 1997

 <bits and pieces snipped >

>Personally, I can't stand courts.  To me they're about as interesting

Understood.  It was years before I regularly attended court.  I hadn't
reached the point at which it interested me.

>To address the audibility problem, has anyone ever tried a few
>wireless mics and a PA system to help project voices?  If the populace
>could hear what's being said, it would certainly help keep people
>involved and cut down on crowd noise.

I have actually heard of a Mr. Microphone disguised as a Scepter.
Audibility is great but presents its own challenges.  If you aren't
sufficiently interested to stay quiet, don't go.  Having both given and
received a few awards it seems to me that the AoA has an enormous impact on
the recipient.  To most of the crowd, however, it is "just another AoA".  If
people are only courteous when they are involved or entertained they can mar
an otherwise significant event.

>As for entertainment.  Well, court is not meant to be drama.  As was
>said by someone, it's meant to conduct business.  As for me, I wouldn't
>expect court participants to become actors or stage some sort of
>entertainment.  They can go on conducting their business as they
>see fit.  But without being entertaining, my personal choice is simply
>to avoid attending at all costs.  Everybody has their own interests.
>Some are interested in the business matters.  I'm not.

IMO Court is in the business of Drama.  Court is not held for the benefit of
the Royalty, it is for the benefit of the award recipients and the populace
in attendance.  Normal business can be conducting at meetings, by phone or
by e-mail.  Court is for business requiring public notice, theater, or both.
If you are not interested by all means find something else to do.  When I
had neither interest nor responsibilities I found plenty of other things
going on.

<<several paragraphs concerning the duration, value, sincerity and sanity of
fealty oaths apropos modern society snipped>

>Karl von Augsburg

I support individual oaths of fealty _because_ I take that oath seriously.
I am very cautious to what I swear because I mean it.  I offer my service,
in whatever capacity I am capable of serving, to the Kingdom through the
Crown.  I am not bound by such an oath to break any laws of the state or
corporation.  I am bound to do the best that I can to support the Crown and
enrich the Realm.

On the matter of time, I have seen Coronations where  the Great Officers and
Landed Gentry swear Oaths of _Office_.  Much of the rest of this goes on
while the Crown sits in State and other activities occur for other people.

Viscount Cian Conor MacQuaid, KSCA


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