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Wed Feb 5 14:53:50 PST 1997

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>Please note: I did say "properly presented". What you describe does
>not qualify as this. And behaviour such as you describe has little
>to do with cloved fruit. Such behavior occurs with and without the
>fruit. Just because it happens at the SCA or a pagan gathering, are
>you going to condemn the activity? Then why condemn the game itself.
>Just because some folks use the game as an excuse to be rude and
>obnoxious by forcing themselves on others doesn't excuse others
>to be rude and obnoxious by hurling the fruit away. If you don't
>want to play the game, you can give the fruit back and tell them
>that you don't play this game

. Hurling the fruit away interferes
>with all who wish to play, not just you and the presenter.

This past weekend I went to an event in the Outlands, and during the end
of feast these cloven jewels were handed out.  I was a guest of His
Excellency, Sir Barrell at head table when a very lovely LADY approached,
bowed and handed the fruit to me.

I have only had this done once before in the seven years I have been
playing.  I removed a clove, we both leaned forward over the table, and a
small light kiss was given to the appropriate cheek.    This was very
enjoyable, at which time I choked on the clove.

I wish to thank those that have given some history and directions on how
this activity, can be done properly.    I will most definitely pass this
on to every one I can .   It can be very enjoyable, whether on the hand,
or where ever it is ACCEPTED>

Thank you
H.L. Marcus

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