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Mark Harris mark_harris at
Thu Feb 6 09:23:08 PST 1997


Damon stated:

With respect to this comment I think the northern region has a great 
report with the Scouts.  The Cleveland OK site is a Boy Scout ranch 
and Ranger Roger seems to get along well with us.   I believe both 
Moonschadowe and Northkeep have had on going discussions about the 
installation of perminant improvements to the site designed with us 
in mind but usable by the scouts.  

Interesting. I wonder why you can get use of Boy Scout facilities and
we can't. We've always been turned down by BSA here in Austin. But
surprisingly (to me anyway), we have been able to hold events at
Girl Scout camps.

I had figured there must be a national rule that the Boy Scout camps
couldn't be used by outsiders.

Also, my ladies brother is a perminant Boy Scout.  When the scout 
ranch decided last summer to do a month on the theme of knights and 
chivalry, he came over asked questions and borrowed a number of our books to

I remember that theme month. We did a demo for the Scouts in conjunction 
with it.

Stefan li Rous

(in the BSA for about 12 years. Eagle with four palms.)

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