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>I think such a rule would be much too arbitrary. Either require it
>or don't. There is nothing to indicate that someone who is an
>experienced fighter is less likely to get hurt from a blow to the
>breasts than someone who is new at it. Remember in a battle
>scenerio, anyone is likely to get hit.
>If you want to modify it, say such and such is the minimum required
>armor. However, we encourage the use of more armor. Or While these
>are the minimum requirements, depending upon your build and other
>considerations, you may want to add further protection. If you do
>so, this additional protection should meet these requirements (no
>seperate cups etc., etc.)

The best armoring advice I was ever given was to armor heavily at first,
then lighten up as you get better at getting out of the way.

2 pense,

Kateryn Heathrydge,
Three Rivers, Calontir
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