ANST - Ballistas

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Fri Aug 21 03:50:56 PDT 1998

How many inch pounds are you talking?  You'd probablly have to make a
special taget to withstand the impact.  I would think it would be like
shooting a tank gun at a house, the way most IKAC targets are put together.
That first shot should be impressive though!!!!

How many rounds do you think you can get off in 2 minutes / 30 seconds?
Those are the time limits for crossbows in the IKAC.

If you really want to, we could ask Giovanni for a ruling.

If you alredy have it built, why not bring it to Accademy of the Bow next


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>You misunderstand my question.  I am not speaking of a combat ballista.
>I am speaking of a full strength ballista.  One that operates on the
>same principle as the full strength bows and crossbows in IKAC.  Since
>it is very much akin in function and operation to the crossbows that it
>spawned, I would like to use it in IKAC.  Would it be considered as just
>a big muckin crossbow?
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