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Ansteorran Court(s) at Pennsic......

For the record, here's a list of the awards given in Kingdom 
Court at Pennsic 27:

Matthias D'Versdall - Queen's Rapier
Thyra of Black Oak Keep - Sable Crane
Alanna of Tallacht  - Iris of Merit
Raisya Khorivovna  -  Iris of Merit
Josselin Saunterel - Queen's Rapier
Marguerite Dinard  -  Queen's Rapier
Gitana de Castile  -  Sable Thistle - Camp Cooking
Gwendlyn Miesko - AoA  
Kayleigh Drake  -  Sable Crane
Mykaru Kurodachi - Sable Thistle - Armoring
Dolphin of Cork - Sable Falcon
Wolfgang von Kreger - AoA
Karl Tarlsson - AoA
Marion of the Rose - AoA
Mu of Samarkand - Star of Merit
Sir Gunthar Jonsson - Baron of the Court 

Announced in Kingdom Court:  Corrine Elizabeth Drake will be elevated 
to the Order of the Laurel at Stargate Baronial.

In Great Court:  Wilhelm von Buch was made a Knight of the Society.
Ansteorran soil from all 5 regions was imported for the occassion.

On the Battlefield:  Ld Cameron - Sable Falcon
In Atlantian Kingdom Court:  Hanashi-san  -  Sable Falcon

One minor correction to some of the postings that have been going 
around:  His Majesty had every intention of presenting the Mountain 
Confederation with a Sable Falcon, however, he found out when he went 
to give it to them that His then-Majesty Kein had already presented 
them with a Falcon at Pennsic 26 - which comes as no surprise to us 
considering how well they fought *this* year.  The end result, I 
believe, was that Barn gifted the unit with a really big Falcon cord - 
of a size suitable for them to display from their war banner. 

This is a complete listing of awards given by our hand at Pennsic 
27 to the best of my (and our herald's) recollection - thank you, 
Lucais!  Please forgive me if I've forgotten anyone ('cause I have 
the strangest feeling that I'm forgetting someone). I've slept since 
then, but not much!

In Service,
Her Majesty, Kat   >"<
Lori Campbell
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